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Tom Baker, Retired FBI Agent

This week, Dan chats with Tom Baker. Thomas J. Baker is an international law enforcement consultant. He served as a FBI Special Agent for 33 years in a variety of investigative and management positions facing the challenges of crime and terrorism. He has extensive experience with police management and training issues, having served as a management instructor at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has been published in professional journals, both nationally and internationally, on aspects of biometrics, major case management, and police training. He has commented on television and radio, concerning these and other FBI related topics.

Mr. Baker’s international experience is extensive. He served as the Legal Attaché at the American Embassy in Canberra, Australia, where he was responsible for maintaining U.S. law enforcement interests in a large part of the Asia Pacific area. He then was assigned as the Legal Attaché in Paris, France, where he worked not only in Western Europe but in much of Africa

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