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Sam Ronan For President

This week, Dan chats some more with Republican Presidential candidate, Sam Ronan - a 35-year-old who is running for the Republican nomination for president. He sees himself as a progressive conservative.

Sam Ronan is a dynamic leader and public advocate who is passionate about creating positive change for our nation. Together, we can make a difference!

Meet Sam, a remarkable individual whose journey is defined by resilience, patriotism, and an unwavering commitment to putting people first. From his outstanding academic achievements to his service in the United States Air Force, Sam's story is one of triumph and a heartfelt dedication to making a difference.

In his school years, Sam's brilliance shone brightly as he scored Magna Summa Cum Laude in the prestigious National Latin Exam. But it was during his senior year of high school that he truly embodied the spirit of a global citizen. Representing the USA with honor and distinction, Sam embarked on a life-changing foreign exchange trip to Germany, leaving an indelible mark on both his host country and himself.

Driven by a deep sense of duty and a desire to serve his nation, Sam enlisted in the US Air Force in November 2009. With unwavering dedication, he poured his heart and soul into his military service, exemplifying the highest ideals of loyalty and sacrifice. By June 2011, he had already earned his associates degree, demonstrating not only his commitment to personal growth but also his ability to excel in the face of challenges.

However, it was a pivotal moment during the tumultuous period of the 2013 October Government Shutdown that truly transformed Sam's perspective. Witnessing firsthand the disregard for the well-being of the American people, he made the difficult decision to leave active duty, recognizing that the government he had sworn to serve no longer prioritized the very citizens it was meant to protect.

With an honorable discharge in hand, Sam embarked on a new chapter of his life—one driven by a burning passion for change and a profound belief in the power of the people. Determined to make a difference, he set out to build a platform that would give voice to the voiceless and place the needs of ordinary Americans front and center.

Sam's journey is not just one of personal triumph, but also a testament to the resilience and determination that define the American spirit. His story serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes, it is the actions of individuals who have experienced firsthand the flaws in our system that bring about the most meaningful and lasting change.

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