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Immigration spike in the US

Two questions on the Border wall: 1 for Biden, 1 for millions of immigrants

Recently, Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of Homeland Security, announced that the Biden Administration would suspend 26 laws to build a 20-mile stretch of wall on the border. On October 5th, Mayorkas said the Biden admin admits an “acute and immediate need” for a border wall. The Border Patrol released the number of illegals crossing the border in September to be 260,000.

This number is among the highest in history, catching the Biden administration off guard. More and more blue state mayors and governors complained that illegals were overrunning their cities and states. Solid Democrats were switching to Republican or independent to avoid the problem caused by Biden and company. These cities and states that declared themselves sanctuary cities face the reality of what it means to be a sanctuary city.

Before I answer the two questions, I would like to look back at what happened. When Biden came into office, he appointed Vice-President Harris the Border Czar. Four countries were involved then: Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Because of an open border policy and the lack of enforcement, we now have illegals crossing our border from 150 nations worldwide. Currently, only one in four comes from Mexico. This is an essential fact because most Americans, when they hear about the number of people coming across the border from Mexico, think that it is mostly Mexicans who are crossing. The chart above shows that the number of Mexicans has declined by almost two-thirds. The number of Mexicans crossing the border illegally has dropped from 1.6 million in 2000 to 608,000 in 2021. So far, in 2023, one in four illegals crossing the border are Mexican.

Now let me ask the two questions, first to President Biden. Will you have the wall finished before the 2024 election? I want to ask this question because if he waits to start the construction till just before the election, he may stop it if he is reelected. If the Democrats keep the Senate and take back control of the House, he may request Congress to stop the expenditure and redirect the money to do something else. The second question will impact whether he spends the money or not.

The second question concerns the millions of immigrants outside the country who want to come to America but have stayed in their home country. Will you rush to come now for fear that Biden may be forced to build even more walls or other obstacles that would prohibit you from crossing the border, and you may not get in if you wait? The critical time will be when he announces they will start building the new fence. The quicker he begins building the wall, the more fear will increase in immigrants that they may never be able to get into America if they wait.

We had 260,000 illegals cross the border in September, and it appears we may be close to an all-out invasion if the number gets much higher. A significantly higher number will force the Border Patrol to stand back and let the illegals swarm into the country. I have been asking people on my various appearances on radio and TV, “Is there a number monthly of illegals coming into the US that would scare you for your safety and cause illegal immigration to be the number 1 issue in the election in 2024? I think by sometime in the first quarter of 2024, the monthly number could reach 500,000. What is your number?

Dan Perkins is the author of 9 books, a nationally syndicated talk show host, an expert on energy, the founder of the radio and TV network promoting free speech, and the host of two shows on the network, The Truth Starts Here, A Conversation with Dan Perkins and Dan After Dark. His newest outlet for commentary is

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