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Dan Perkins

Published Author


The Brotherhood of the Red Nile:
A Terrorist Perspective

In a small village near the town of Al-Mukharram in western Syria, the council of the Brotherhood of the Red Nile met for the first time to discuss their plan of a nuclear attack on the United States.
Washington DC: Frank Williams the Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Terrorist Activity speaks to his people. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today because of a real threat, that if successful, could bring down America. I know that we are all concerned about threats to the safety and security of the United States, but based on what we have been able to pick up in Internet traffic, a new al-Qaeda–type terrorist group is being formed somewhere in Syria, dramatically different from al-Qaeda.
Intelligence operatives around the world scramble to stop the Brotherhood. But will they be able to find the bombs in time?"

From the halls of the White House to the rebel camps of the Middle East, The trilogy of The Brotherhood of the Red Nile delivers a chilling, thrill ride adventure of modern-age danger and heroism so realistic you are not sure if it is fact or fiction.


The Brotherhood of the Red Nile: America Rebuilds


From the president’s airplane window, he sees oil refineries lie as white-hot glowing rubble in what was the Texas City of Texas City. Cracking towers lie toppled on pipelines above the ground now carrying radiation contaminated energy toward all parts of the United States. The fires are being fed by row after row of massive storage tanks. One of the tanks explodes, sending the massive roof thousands of feet into the air and then the one next to it explodes because of the heat from the one that just exploded. As the president watches, the next one blows like another domino falling. As the pilot veers to escape the heat from the blast, a third explosion sends a shock wave, hitting the plane.

General Maxwell will save the plane from the bomb aftermath. But as he brings the president back to Washington, the millrems gauge reading threatens disaster that they all may…


The Brotherhood of the Red Nile: America Responds

This is the final book of the Brotherhood Trilogy, but not the end of your relationship with the principal plays. The journey we have taken has been full of twists and turns, surprises, and almost believable events. Many of you have written to me about your experiences with the first two installments. Be warned -- you will find a different tone in this final book, “America Responds”.

People who have read the third book of the series earlier wondered if it were possible to publish it before the 2014 mid-term election? I wrote all three books to try and educate America about the serious challenges in fighting terrorists. Book three uses fiction to convey some significant ways to prevent a cataclysmic attack, make America strong again, protect our borders and most of all, make us all proud to be Americans. Dan Perkins, 2015

Dan Perkins has finished his first trilogy in what some say was an almost impossible timeframe. His books have left some people’s questions unanswered and Dan hopes to answer those outstanding questions and perhaps raise some new ones in book three. In the future, he would like to also try his hand at writing historical fiction, with Abraham Lincoln as the subject. For now though, Dan is working on his current project in a new book called “Terrorist Gold”, featuring favorite characters from the Trilogy, Ted Baker and the Pathfinders. You will have an opportunity, as in his previous books, to read the first chapter of “Terrorist Gold” at the end of this book. Dan is very appreciative of your feedback and encourages you to return to your place of purchase and write a review.

Sad Eyes - Book One:
1912 to 1939: A Nurse's love of her country during WW II

SAD EYES: 1912 TO 1939 is the story of a woman, Mary Ellen Murphy, from Waterloo, Iowa, and her contribution to the United States and beyond as an Army nurse in World War II, helping save tens of thousands of soldiers' lives. Her assistance to military leadership throughout her journey proves crucial in the outcome of the war. Mary Ellen combines great physical presence, incredible talent, and intelligence and remains committed to her values. She is constantly being challenged with more opportunities to serve her country and prove to others what women can do when given the chance. Join this red-haired and green-eyed Irish lass who is as smart as she is beautiful on her adventure during World War II and its aftermath.

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